Choreography as a tool for a wider conceptual, perceptual, experimental view of code for graphic design.
Choreography as way to rethink space, time, and composition structures in web environments.
Choreography as a rule-finding/rule-escaping practice.
Choreography as an instrument for questioning the conditions, protocols and procedures of composition processes in design.
Choreography as a counter-move, a counter-apparatus, force reverted.

on Choreographing Design by Joana Chicau.

The project 'Choreographing Design' was born while investigating diverse scores & scripts, respectively from post-modern choreographers and designers, leading to a series of web coding experiments on how choreographic and performative qualities could be implemented and explored in design. And what powers of invention or transformation it sets free.
In my research, choreography became a way reflect on the tools and processes in graphic design and to question the role of intentionality, and counter-movement in the construction of digital media spaces.
How to move away from pre-choreographed environments and compose our own choreographies? I understand choreographic design not as a notation to regularize or assimilate into a single system or composition method, but as a liberating and omniscient point of view. An instrument for individual or co-creation, a possibility for self and collective expression, in constant pursue for unlimited results. Choreographing design is then a composition methodology which encompasses ideologic, technological and social dimensions.

GLOSSARY Rehearsal Series