— A two dimensional syntax or a glossary of language for movement – by JoanaChicau.

Act, Accumulation, Aleatory, Away, BlackOut, Breath, Chance, Construct a Singular Explicit Space, Counter-Tension, Disappear, Duration, Draw, Empty, Exaustive, Geometric Formations, Here, Holding the Stage, Indeterminancy, Intervals, Aleatory, Movement, Minimize, Pause, Path, Phrasing, Place, Positioning, Random, Repeat, Rhythm, Rhythmic Patterns, Ritualistic, Sequencing, Space Construction, Spacing, Saturated by Contrasts, Speed, Stage, Stillness, There, Spatio Temporal Experiences, Warning.


First_Act ()

Synonym Functions:

Second_Act ()
Final_Act ()

window.open('II.html', '_blank');


Move_to ()

'Rainer selected found movement as her material, whether from everyday pedestrian or work activity, ballet, contemporary or popular dance, mime or vaudeville.' (...) 'In short every movement is and ought to be possible.' — Anne T. Kaersmakeer

Synonym Functions:

Away ()
Draw ()

window.moveTo(x, y)
// another example of usage:
context.lineTo(x, 3750);}
// another example:
< marquee direction="down" width="250" height="200" behavior="alternate"

[Yvonne Rainer, Hand-Movie_1966]


Path ()

'...in between geometry and the gesture' — Trisha Brown

Synonym Functions:

Construct_a_singular_explicit_space ()
Geometric_formations ()

for (var x = 0.5; x < 5000; x += 15) {
context.moveTo(x, 0);
context.lineTo(x, 3750);}
// another example:
for (var y = 0.5; y < 3750; y += 15) {
context.moveTo(0, y);
context.lineTo(5000, y);}

[Trio B path, by Yvonne Rainer]


Pause ()

'resting' or 'stoping to choose' — Yvonne Rainer

Synonym Functions:

Breathing ()
Stillness ()
BlackOut ()

document.getElementById("body").style.backgroundColor = "#000000";


Random ()

'Seperate movements were arranged in coninuity by random means, allowing for superimposition of one or more (...) by tossing coins or by looking at the I-Ching.' — Merce Cunningham

Synonym Functions:

Elements_of_Chance ()
Indeterminancy ()
Juxtaposition_of_elements_under_aleatory_influence ()

for (var Text = document.getElementById(textRange);

[William Forsythe, Solo_1997]


Repetition ()

'...the movements seem to be very personal, private , idiosyncratic (..) seemingly endless repetition. This is a play of surfaces rather than an expression of depth. The minimalist monotony of the repetition of mundane gestures suggest compulsion to conform prescribed behavior.' - Anne T. Keersmaeker

Synonym Functions:

Rhythmic_Patterns ()
Ritualistic ()
Exaustive ()
Accumulation ()

(count == Infinity)

[Trisha Brown, Primary Accumulation_1972]


Remove (x)

'Eliminate or minize' - Yvonne Rainer

Synonym Functions:

Minimize ()
Disappear ()
Empty ()

//one or the other until it dispappears:
{ y.style.fontSize = parseInt(y.style.fontSize) } / 2 + 'pt'
setInterval (Minimize () {half(x)}, 2000)


Rhythm ()

'Length of time in seconds, assuming 5'' as a minimum.'- Merce Cunningham

Synonym Functions:

Intervals ()
Speed ()
Duration ()

setInterval(Elements_of_Chance, 100)

[A sequence of movements from Trio A, by Yvonne Rainer.]


New_Sequence ()

'Phrase as a metaphor for a longer or total duration containing beginning, middle and end.' - Yvonne Rainer

Synonym Functions:

Sequencing ()
Phrasing ()

var count='0';
var Texts=new Array();
Texts[1]="as a mobilising language,";


Spacing ()

Synonym Functions:

Positioning ()
Place ()
Space_Construction ()
Here ()
There ()

document.getElementById("body").style.backgroundColor = "#000000";

[Stage movement variations, by Anne T. Keersmaeker.]

[Lucinda Childs, Calico Mingling_1973]


Set_new_stage ()

'An alternative sight for the understanding of potential instigation and organization of action to reside' - William Forsythe

Synonym Functions:

Holding_the_stage ()
There_are_as_many_movements_as_there_are_distinct_ _spatio_temporal_experiences ()



Counter_tension ()

'Momentum is also the interval between two opposing tensions' - Steve Paxton

Synonym Functions:

Choreography_is_organization_of_tensions ()
Saturated_by_contrasts ()

setInterval("choreography_is_the_organization_of_tensions()",tempo) colors = new Array ()


(…) the situation of performance rather than the spectacle…” - Yvonne Rainer