1: Bootstrapping & Active essays

warm up exercise ;)

Take your protoyping plan and format it using simple HTML. Gather texts/quote, and links to related resources video / text / audio, or examples.

Use git to checkout the prototyping folder:

git clone git@pzwart1.wdka.hro.nl:git/prototyping16

It has a script to run a local webserver:


For next time: Vandalising the web with contenteditable / Browser as WRITING TOOL

Meeting 2: 19 Jan 2016: Hand Simon 2016

Meeting 3: 2 Feb 2016: CANVAS turtles

In a time when many projects exist to teach "kids to code", it's worth revisiting "Constructivist" ideas related to the use of software in education. In this light, many contemporary efforts can be seen to reiterate the same conventional ideas of education as drill and practice skills for a future workforce that a constructivist approach disdained. A constructivist point of view considers how (children) develop concepts and how software's malleability in terms of defining working models of reality (aka representations) central to their imaginative and epistemelogical (i.e. thinking about thinking) power. In a contemporary world, the many "given" representations such as an API to canvas, or to a web service like Twitter, can well be approached from a critical constructivist perspective to consider their impact and eventually decide to work with, around, or against them (say by posing alternatives).

Meeting 4: 9 Feb 2016, Putting a video online and coding timebased stuff with TIMEUPDATE events

Meeting 5: 16 Feb 2016 TOUCH events

Meeting 6: 1 Mar Feb 2016 INVOVIZZZ, info viz with javascript + d3


AJAX & CGI (COnnecting Javascript with Python)

Other possible topics

Prototyping plans